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Abakkiriza Basaba

As the year is ending, the TONDISM FAITH marks celebrations of different spirits in a way of giving back to them, praising and recognizing their role played in the believers lives the whole year.

In Most Times such functions are organised accordingly, personally or by groups under the faith theory, however this time, the function was held at Kirowooza – Mukono few KMs from Kampala.

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Ssabakabona Jumba with priests

The function of Ekijulo Kya Lubale” Ekyembaga Y’omwaka is one of the most functions organised every year to celebrate the works of spirits done in people’s lives. Over 200 people gathered at the Shrine of Jumba Lubowa Aligaweesa the High Priest of Tondism Faith.

The Function had alot of activities from Mist Food (Emere Y’okumala Obukko) at the eve of the day, Sacrifices, Goats, Cocks, Cows etc at the fateful day. All these sacrifices are the blood to the spirits to continue blessing the bazukulu (grand Children) to get peace, Chances and opportunities in Life.

A report from the High Priest Jumba Lubowa Aligaweesa that covered 5pages, was led by the Communications officer of Tondism Faith Musajatagererwanzaalo. The Report enthusiastically covered with pleasure in recognizing dignitaries in the faith who have sacrificed and played their role in promoting the Faith to the world. Among Other people recognized are; Ssenga Kulanama, Kabona Kakata, Jjajja Muwonge Njogerere, other priests and media.

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Ssbakabona Jumba Lubowa Aligaweesa

The main purporse of reading this report according to Ssabakabona Jumba Lubowa was to take Note of key issues that pertained the improvement, Empowerment and development of culture.

“I think all has been witnessed and captured in my report, What has been left behind, or anybody non-recognized should work hard for improvement’ Ssabakabona responding to the report.


The Preaching was led by Kabona Makubuya Nswanonde who represented Ssabayima Kabona Mugalula from Walusi Sacred hills. Makubuya told the gathering how everything in creation was made in Twice (male and Female) and thats why the twines (Nakato and Kato) represents God the Highness.

“Katonda Yatonda buli kimu nga Kiri mu Bulongo, Kato Kigwaayo nti Katonda ate Nakato Kigwaayo nti Nakatonda” Kabona Makubuya preaches.

Others Issues Unfold.

The Musician Hassan Nduggwa (Bamweyana) made a wonderful performance at the function while clad in a Traditional attire representing the whole African native faith.