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In the 1700 Buganda regionwas affected by Kawaali (Smal Pox) and othere related Illines and comprications that left anumber of people dead. However in the 1800 the first Traditional Treatment center was discovered at Mawuuno Sacred Site.

A number of people suffering from differet chronicle diseases started flocking the site for treatment. Then, the spirits had superseded and orchestrated some harbs for Wanaichi.

Today, the gathering was to commemorate the 50yrs of the first treatment centerf of Buganda in the traditiona belief. The occassion was graced by Augustine Namwama, the Ssababiito from Kibulala, Luwangula Katerega, the speaker of bataka Lukiiko, Kizito Mutumba Austine, the high Priest of tondsm faith, Senga Kulanama and Others.

officials from Buganda rushed out on people who have continuously sold the heritage and sacred sites of Buganda with intetions to destry them,