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Thousands gathered at the send-off of the late Kasozi a traditional Healer in Gomba District, Uganda who died misteriously.

Over 10 priests from Tondism Faith attended the burrial of the late Kasozi in amass driven choir. The Function was graced by the High Priest of the Faith jumba Lubowa Aligaweesa and other priest, Kabona Ssewamala, Kabona Kimera Kibombo, Kabona Neeno, Nabona Nagita, and others.

High Priest taking on the Hymns

While preaching, the high priest adhored people to adhere to the traditional Norms and culture since the foreign culture that was driven through christianity and Islam is not the native faith. “God is God in our language, God is in our native phenomeno not the Chritianity, Please embless God” Jumba

Mourners gathered

He then tought those who went for Good friday and Palm Sunday, hold a palm true a true meaning of the african faith from a true called palm, that provided the palm used to make mats, however, asked the christians why they dont use other tree branched than palm.

“they use Palms in Luganda Olukoma “Its in Olukoma where a natural Spirit called Nkoma the Head of Sprits in the Forest and Guardian Sprits sits” Jumba.

The late Kasozi left 5 children and three widows.