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Mayembegambogo is the spiritual prison of God, a sacred hidden site.

Mayembegambogo, the spiritual Prison of God, is one of the greatest African Sacred Site, in Walusi Nsi Sacred hills. A Spiritual place where every African would go.

Thousands of pilgrims trek from different corners of the world every after 21days of fasting during the male year to the female year, from April to May and from December to January.

Mayembegambogo in Walusi Nsi

The place. According to Spiritual Medium Jumba Lubowa Aligaweesa who is the Ssabakabona (High Priest) of Tondism Faith, and led the pilgrimage, this place is the prison of God where Evil spirits are arrested, sentenced and jailed from. 

Jjumba Lubowa Aligaweesa | Ssaabakabona seated near the cave.

“this place is one of the Holly places of God (tonda) where all spirts that  refused to perform duties of God while in human fresh, or before dead are taken to prison, sentence and jailed” jumba. A person who refused to work for his/her lord, killed did all the atrocities, mysteries etc are jailed in this place.

This time, a number of pilgrims trekked to this place through other Godly places in Walusi, Muwumuza, a place where everything. Lodes, evil and all your defaults/problem are thrown. Other areas are, Buwanuka, the holy site where the Powerful creation spirit of Fire (Kiwanuka) put its throne, Bukkiro, a sacred place with the natural feeling and Godly spirits. In this place all the spirits of creations had their stay immediately after creation. Bukiro from the Okukka, (stopover).

Jumba says that they people Trek to Mayembegambogo to seek redress from God for forgiveness and pardon to their late relatives who are in prisons and Jail.

Kayira Lwere, the faith Legal officer, says that in Mayembegambo people get powers since all the sudden, the spirits of relatives get pardoned.

The mood at the sacred area was very high since a number of the pilgrims were possessed with spirits, others Eat fire while other sit in fire. Singing and praise the Lord continued until when time for inquiring for forgives started.


The Visit to Mayembegambogo