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Below is a magnificent artistic impression of the first worshiping center since foreign religious preachers took over our freedom of worship which was recently unveiled at Kirowooza-Mukono in the Republic of Uganda on 29th May, 2021 at a colorful event that marked four years since the restoration of the African Traditional faith and spirituality.

It is now over 150 years since white Missionaries and foreign religious preachers including; protestants, Catholics and Islams took over the independence of African spirituality and freedom of Worship. They summarized their God in a man made book “the bible” which has been used to manipulate African freedom of natural conscience under the guise of Dogmatic and indoctrination principles.

The African Spiritual heritage center, as by full view

The faith;TONDISM FAITHENZIKIRIZA Y’OBUWANGWA N’ENNONO which has its roots from the sacred hills of Walusi nsi in Luweero District in the Republic of Uganda has spear headed the restoration of the independence of African spirituality. Tondism faith is here to set mechanisms to protect and defend the full human rights of those who change from foreign religions having been manipulated for over 15 decades. There is a misconception that foreign Religious believers and non- foreign believers are not equal before the law.

And so Tondism faith is here to restore this fundamental right of the freedom to natural conscience where people are free to believe in their natural and traditional spiritual beliefs rather than the enforced theology based on foreign dogmatic principles and to work towards the elimination of foreign religious influence and the related consequences on the African and the black human race. Tondism faith is here to restore and defend the African native race of their freedom of natural conscience

The magnificent artistic impression of the African spiritual center(spiritual heritage) designed to restore the African independence of traditional spirituality to be constructed in Kampala -Uganda East Africa

At the function two bank accounts were revealed to the public for support and fundraising in response to the construction of this spiritual heritage centre.

The Accounts in Equity bank, are 1006201845714 in Uganda Shillings and 1006201845784 Dollar Money.