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For the last 150yrs, Africa was ambushed with the foreign religion and the African spiritual bmackbone and conscience was attacked by the British Cultural Anthropologists

Million Years before, the African spirituality was the strongest in the world, but due to the influence of the Missionary society in the Early 1800s, forced the native people in the continent to withdraw their spirituality through direct attack, killing and torture that forced them (African Spiritual Mediums) withhold their spiritual backbone

Since 1962, the New Generation (Mulembe Mutinzi Ccuusa nsi) evolved and the revolution for the African spirituality commenced. The Return of the African Powers through Omusiige Ssebyayi Kyabangi (From Walusi Nsi) who received the revelations on the new Generations, started preaching and writings on such reveals.

Flags Being Raised by the Priests and Believers

In the due course, he breath his last in the early 2000s, but the Abalamya Nsonga, Abaluuta Nsozi, Abaluuta Nyanja, the Traditional Healers/ Spiritual Mediums decided to appoint Jumba lubowa Aligaweesa as the successor of Musiige Ssebyayi Kyabangi in 2017.

From 2017 to date, a lot has been done to manifest and grow the African spirituality with its roots in Walusi-Nsi through Ssabakabona Jumba Lubowa Aligaweesa.

Thus on 29th May, among others, Jumba Raised the Frag of Tondism faith, Uganda Flag, the Flag of Africa and Buganda kingdom Flag.

The Four Flags were raised with a reason.

Uganda Flag, The Flag of Africa, Tondism Faith Flag and the Buganda kingdom Flag

The Flag of Africa was raised as a sign to bring about the restoration of the African spirituality on the African Continent. Since the creation of the living started here in Africa.

The Uganda Flag was raised to show the beauty of the African land where the Creation was made. Uganda is where Tondism faith is rooted.

Buganda Flag was raised in accordance with the spiritual background, since Buganda Kingdom is the head of all the Kingdoms in the world, where culture manifested from. It’s in Buganda, in Bulemeezi Chiefdom, Luwero district where the sacred hills of Walusi Nsi are located, where all the marks of creation by God were left.

The Tondism Faith Flag was resided to praise the almighty Tonda that’s Tondism Faith, Enzikiriza Y’obuwangwa Nennono is here to stay.

What Transpired

Ssabakabona Jumba Lubowa Aligaweesa led the faith Believers and spiritualists to raise the flag and took his time to explain the motive.

“We’ve raised these flag as sign of rising the plight and privilege of Tonda” Jumba explains.

Over 1000 people from different areas of the country attended the function that was held in Kirowooza Mukono Uganda.

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