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Tens of Baluulu Culture and Traditionalist have gathered at the the Secretariat of Tondism Faith in Mukono district to donate some of the items to the Chief Priest Jumba Lubowa Aligaweesa.

Led by the Vice President Tuli Bumu (National Union and Traditional Healers in Uganda) Lutalo Kiggundu, from Kiboga district. Baluulu clad with fresh beans, matooke, maize, Rice, Chicken, Goats etc, provided them to the High Priest Jumba Lubowa.

Jajja Sekyondwa, Jajja Nakandi carrying a bunch of Banana received from Balulu

These gathered in the Main Building of the Native culture, and ancestors’ King Jajja Muwanga.

They held a meeting with an agenda of uniting all the cultures to be under the faith (Tondism).