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The First Heritage Site at Mukono Kirowooza | HQs

Ssewamala Musoke, call him Kabaka Bulamu, Ssabalongo, Kinene or any name you can, is the Head of spiritual world, the King of all spirits, King of Kings, the spirit that Governs the world of spirts, and fress.

For the last one Month since 15th October, there has been activities of constructing a permant building for the King, and in a period of One month and 1 Week the mega Building is done. The building is constructed in Kirowooza at the base and secretariat of “tondism faith” in the home of the High Priest, Jumba Lubowa Aligaweesa.

At the function that welcomed thousands of people including, Government officials, district leaders and cultural leaders, the house was commissioned.

The faith Spiritual Believers Choir, led the hymns at the function.