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There was Mystery at the 2nd Anniversary of Nabamba Budhagali 40th, when the Bishop for the Traditional Anglican Charismatic church appeared in presence at Kyabirwa Village, Budhagali, Jinja district at the source of the Nile amidst all the cultural and Ritual Practices explored.

Bishop Samuel Luboga the Bishop of the Traditional Anglican Charismatic Church in Uganda is one the Bishops in the Anglican Charismatic Church. attended the function where the Pope for African Spirituality (Chief Priest) of Enzikiriza y’obuwangwa N’ennono, Jumba Lubowa Aligaweesa in presence.

The Bishop who sat behind the Tent to elude from the Public due to the appearance of Camera, did not give any speech nor pray as the Traditional and culture took of the day.

Bishop Lubogo with Kabona Mugalula.

Even though the Bishop hid from cameras, in most cases the captions took him. Few months later, had the late Archbishop of Kampala of the Catholic Church Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, had recommended the construction of cultural Shrines at Churches to welcome the traditionalist and their activities since they are the real Prophets of God.

The presence of Bishop Lubogo caught the attention of many Cultural believers who in most times turned their eyes against him.

High Priest with the Secretary General

One of the Priests of Tondism Faith (Enzikiriza Y’obuwangwa Nennono) Ssabalambi Kiggundu Lubowa cautioned how Bishops managed to galvanize and capture all the parts of Busoga yet even some of their British fellows like Bishop Hannington were killed in Mayuge – Busoga.

Kabona Kasiko Mutaasa , Blessed by High Priest