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Over 17 people have been ordained priests of Tondism faith in Ankole and hundreds cleansed in the faith, this website has learned.

The High Priest of Tondism faith, Aligaweesa Lubowa Jjumba, met with Ankole traditional healers and ordained them priests and priestesses in Tondism faith.

Mr Jjumba says two worshiping places were set up in Mbarara and near the border of Uganda and Rwanda as Tondism Faith expands its wings.

“Tondism is the true religion for Africans, and it is the epitome of African spirituality, traditions, cultural heritage and identity,” Sabakabona Jjumba says, adding a lot has been done in the faith including ordaining 200 priests and priestesses, publication of the faith’s doctrinal code of conduct, liturgical and hymn books, incorporation of the faith as an organization, electing boards and commissions, among other things.

Jjumba says they prayed at the Kigabiro kyo Mukama Kigeri of Rwanda as well as in Kooki and Mbarara.