European Kings sent spies called Explorers to the new world (Afrika). These spies were amazed to see plenty of wild animals in the plains of Afrika, abudant wealth, a well organised Afrikan society with highly divine-spiritual people who were living under the “ubuntu” principle with no poverty. As a result, these spies compiled a report about what they have seen in Afrika and sent it back to their so called Kings.

Since Afrikans are the original people of the universe, this means that they are the most spiritual people on the planet. Europeans understood well that one cannot colonise a group of people that is stuck in their powerful Afrikan God and spirituality. European Kings, therefore sent brainwashers and religious thugs called Missionaries to Afrika. The primary aim of these spiritual colonisers was to indoctrinate the fake white-divinity and black-evil doctrines into Afrikan minds, so that Afrikans can halt their powerful black God of their ancestors for powerless European fairytale idols( God of Israel). After Afrikans got thoroughly brainwashed through the so called church system, the missionary sent a report to Europe, telling their kings that Afrikans are now thoroughly groomed into obedient and defenseless spiritual slaves, ready to be exploited and colonized.

European kings then sent alcohol and gun traders to Afrika. Guns were sent deliberately to give Afrikan kingdoms more power to conquer other kingdoms. These European-orchestrated gun-trade encouraged the looting of cattle, gold, diamonds, etc and capturing of more prisoners of war. On the other hand, the introduction of the mind-altering and addictive European alcohol was to poison the sub-conscious minds(third eyes/ chakra) of Afrikan kings and queens. Afrikan kings and queens became drunkards. As a result, they became redundant in thinking for what is best for their societies. They therefore started capturing men from neighbouring tribes in order to trade them for more alcohol and guns. Afrikan kings started dishing out land to these foreigners too which castles and forts were built on it to keep their stolen by goodies and slaves. Sadly, hunters also accompanied these evil European traders, and these are the people that decimated the large population of Afrikan wild animals with hunting rifles.

After European kings saw the magnitude of wealth coming from Afrika, the kings sent settlers to go and occupy Afrikan land. These settlers were soo greedy that they started grabbing, dispossessing and stealing land from local Afrikans.

Lastly, European kings sent trained soldiers, agents, miners and administrators to put colonialization of the entire Afrika into practicality. However, Europeans were soo greedy soo much about the ownership of Afrika that they started fighting one another. They however had to meet in 1884 in Berlin to divide and impose artificial borders on Afrika. These artificial borders gave birth to what is known as Afrikan countries today.

Do you wonder now why black people are the most self-hating people on the planet? Do you now wonder why we have lost our identity and culture? Do you now wonder why European countries have largest gold reserve in the world despite the fact that they have no gold mines? It is because these Europeans have been systematically indoctrinating, poisoning and manipulating Afrikan minds. European and Americans have been looting Afrika for centuries. These are the guys behind the systematic engineering of poverty, Viruses and the underdevelopment of Afrika.

IT IS TIME FOR AFRIKA TO WAKE UP! Europe doesn’t love you, America doesn’t love you and China doesn’t love you. They are just interested in you because of the natural resources in your hands!