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In His Journey to complete the 4days journey in the traverse of the great spritual journey of the High Priest in Greater Masaka, His Eminence Jumba Lubowa Aligaweesa stepped at Kitenga Spritual Heritage site of Omulangira (Price) Juuko Munabuddu to his last visit to spritual sits in Masaka before he heads to Misaali sacred sit where he official celebration of hi 5th Consecration anniversary were held.

Mulangira (Prince) Juuko had orgarnised a fruitful wonderful welcoming function right from the recieption to the fore-corners of sites.

Mulangira Juuko (With Glasses) at the Function.

His Eminence was welcomes at the sit to his first time irrespective of several calls an invites from the Prince. This time, the High Priest spent over 4hrs in the place the first tim to spend such a time in the same place during his travel.

A team of organised young talented girls, dancing, singing, was organised at the gate to welcome the high Priest and other guests who eacorted him at the function, the Archpriest of Masaka Deanary, the Head of Women league etc.

Followers Gathered at the Mulangira’s Sacres Site.

Juuko awarded the High Priest with a Spear, Shield and the Spritual Stick to His Eminence the High Pries Jjumba Lubowa Aligawersa. Other this were, Goats, Banana, Chicken etc in the same place.

“We are Brothers, were not only friends with Mulangira Juuko but brothers”, Jumba. While speaking before a group o people who were gathered in the place to witness the visit of the High Priest.

In his remarks, Juuko appriciated the High Council for recorgnizing his place among those that the High Pries could vis in in his movements in Greater Masaka.