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Kabona Ssekitoleko Possessed.

During the Annual Spiritual service at Kiggwa Mirembe sacred hill in Nyendo Masaka, in the service led by the High Priest of Tondism faith Jumba Lubowa Aligaweesa, the Masaka Priest Kabona Ssekitoleko Bateesaki, was possessed by the spirit called Kubo Kawumpuli .

The service started when the Masaka Archpriest who Organized the ceremony, the High Priest, the Masaka Region Archpriest Kabona Kato Ssenkandwa and others led by the liturgical board clad in their Priesthood attires to led the mass.

In the course of the event, spirits like Bamweyana (Spirit of Mad) Kawumpili (Spirit of Teachings) and others possed to the people during the cerebration.

However the High Priest Jjumba Lubowa Aligaweesa urged the followers to continue spreading the word God and urge them to revert to their culture and norms.