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Caroline Kembabazi | PPS State- House

The President of Uganda HE Yoweri kaguta Museveni has recommended and commended the Tondism Faith Organisation as a faith in Uganda and Africa at large.

Tondism Faith is a restored traditional religion with a record of Millions of years from the creation account. In Uganda, it was the first religion to be exercised and practiced by all people irrespective of their tribes, culture and social background.

In his message presented by his representative at the Consecration event in Walusi Sacred Site, the PPS for the office of the President Madam Caroline Kembabazi, commended the traditionalist for re-echoing the call for people to return to their norms and culture.

He thus assured the faith that he will be party and partial to all the activities of the faith and protect all the practitioners and believers in this faith.

Carline Kembabazi announced this following the successful function held on 19th/Oct/2022 as 30 leaders of the faith are enthroned into offices.