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The High Priest of ENZKIRIZA Y’OBUWANGWA N’ENNONO, TONDISM FAITH, Jjumba Lubowa Aligaweesa has urged the government to prioritize sensitising people about HIV/AIDS whose prevalence rate is rapidly increasing in the young generation.

High Priest was giving his Massege on the World AIDS day 1st of December a day for commemoration of the prolonging disease that has ravaged the world since the ends of World War II.

While giving his remarks at the HQs of the Faith, expressed concern over the handling of the disease where the ravage of Ebola and COVID19 have superseded AIDS yet AIDS kills more people that them.

He thus urges the youth to protect themselves and love God, follow their norms and culture in elimination of the Virus.

The HIV/AID prevarance rate now stands at 7%.