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Kabona Kasiko Mutaasa | Water Sacred Sites Head

Among the 11 Commissions in the Tondism Faith, SACRED SITES is another commission that covers all the holly sites of Hills, Waterfalls, Rivers, lakes etc headed by Kabona Lugayaavu Luswaata and Kabona Kasiko Mutaasa.

However the faith Organized the Consecration event of Kabona Kasiko Mutaasa who heads the Water and Rivers Sacred sites who headquarters located in Jaguzi Mayuge where the sacred of Mukasa is Located.

High Priest Handing the Holly Stick to the consecrate.

The Function was graced by the High Priest Jjumba Lubowa Aligaweesa, and was attended by the liturgical commission, Musicians, and others.

This function was among the functions held after the multiverse event in Walusi Hills this year.

Kabona Kasiko Mutaasa was given the instruments of power including the Holly Powerful stick (Damula), Gown and etc.