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UGANDA’S   High Priest  for  the  Traditional  Culture  and Religion Foundation  (TONDISM  FAITH), Ssabakabona  Jjumba Lubowa  Aligaweesa,  has  expressed  disappointment  over  some Traditional  Healers  who turn against  their  female  patients  and  make them  wives  when  they  go to them  for  help.

He  says that was a bad habit  because  it is one of the major  causes  of the  spread of HIV/AIDs  among Ugandans  and  advised   them (The Traditional Healers) to instead join  Government and other organizations  and  be  at the Fore Front  of fighting  the disease in the country.

Ssabakabona preaching the word of God

Jjumba   Aligaweesa  who was  recently  addressing  the Tondism  Faith followers  during  prayers  at their  worship centre  in  Kirowooza  Mukono  district,  advised  traditional healers  not to marry  their patients  , be honest  and stick to one wife in order  to reduce  the   spread of HIV.

“It  is also not satanic  to always  advise patients  to go  for HIV testing   once  you see  any  with  symptoms  instead  of keeping  them  with you   in your shrines”. The High Priest advised .


Tondsim  Faith  is  rooted from  the  sacred  Hills of Walusi nsi in Luwero District  which is the centre  of the  supernatural  spiritual  Global  authority .

It is  at this sacred  heritage  hills  where the faith spiritual leaders   are  consecrated and granted responsibilities  to preach the  message to the native cultures  all over the World.

The faith has the primary founders   and  promoters  called “Abalutansonzi “ the staunch Faithfull  who committed  and sacrificed  their lives  to pray  for the people   and all nations.

The Tondsim  Faith  which  has  its current administrative  offices in   Kirowooza  Mukono , collaborates with the  Government of  Uganda through the Gender   ministry   and other Security  Organs to   fight crime, discrimination in cultural  institutions .

VISION :The Vision  of Tondsim  Faith  is to see  a restored  Traditional Religion/  deeper  understanding  of   God   and cultural  beliefs , norms,  values  that  aim  at preserving  their traditional  heritage   and identity .