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Thousands converged in different places of worship in the African Spirituality to mark the End of Year celebration during the  functions organized in different areas of the country, sacred hills and places.

The national celebrations which were held at Walusi Sacred hill, were graced by the High Priest Jjumba Lubowa Aligaweesa, organized by Kabona Mukuye Ssemweezi and other Priests of Walusi Sacred heritage Site In Luweero district.

High Priest Handing the Key Kabona Mukuye

The High Priest along with other priests first organized prayers in Mukono at Ngandu Shrine of Kabona (Priest) Kaliisa Sseruyange where the initiation activities took place and Kaliisa Ordained and installed as Ssabawonzi (Dedicator) into Tondism Faith.

During the prayers at Ngandu, the Region Priest of Mukono greater Jurisdiction, Kabona Wasswa Nsubuga Aligaweesa urged the believers to embrace change in their life. “Change is Normal, please try to lift yourself from one step to another and please stop the ego against the rich people” Wasswa said.

Band Leading the Procession to Ngandu Worshiping Place.

Ssabawonzi (Dedicator) Kaliisa Sseruyange however pledged and promised to improve and develop this Worshiping place during the days of worship.

Other activities in this place were, Marching with the Brass Band, devotion and invocation.

The team of Priests later proceeded to Nyenja at Lwajjali Falls in Goma Sub County, Mukono District for prayers at the worshiping place of Kabona Ssentongo Mugonza Lwajjali the Medium of Lwajjali Spirit.

Priest and priestesses, Nabona Nabakooza Kulanama Nakayima, Kiggundu Lubowa, Kabona Ssekate, Kabona Wasswa, Nabbona Nakalanzi, Waisswa Kiwanuka, and others were among the priests in the procession with the High priest in Nyenje.

Priests at Nyenje Worshiping Center

Here the High priest Jjumba Lubowa Alogaweesa appreciated Kabona Buyondo Maanyigalubaale Ssalongo for the continued dedicated services of the faith since it was registered in 2017. Senga Kulanama, the president general of Traditional Healers in Uganda, urged the Locals to love their culture and traditions as away to know their God.

The Activities continued as congregants of Nakifuma Town council were waiting for the high priest at the worshiping place of Kabona Offwono Malongo the spiritual medium in that place. While here, the High Priest, Mukono Region Priest, Priestess Kulanama Nabakooza and others, inspected the place before Baptizing Offwono Malongo into the faith and his family and  later Proceeded to Walusi Sacred Site in Luweero district.

Kabona Ofwono during Initiation.

The mega Event of the night to Usher the New year was held at Walusi Sacred heritage Site, organized the Patron of the faith (Ssabayima) and other Priests.

At exactly 00:00 O’clock midnight, Priest held the Key to welcome the new year.