The High Priest and the first Powerful African Spiritual medium, Jumba Lubowa Aligaweesa was honored a Honorary degree of African Heritage & Spirituality from the Humboldt University of Berlin.

The degree of this kind was awarded the first time in African by the best University on the Globe.

Humboldt University Representantives and Graduants

Acording to the University Representative, Jjumba was awarded following a great and thorough research taken by the University representatives on African and the online survey through online, social and electronic media.

The event of celebration was organized at Kigo Mutungo, Entebe Road Uganda, that was graced by Prof Wasajja Kiwanuka from the University of Kigali in Rwanda, Proffesors from Victoria University, elites and etc, where over 3000 people gathered for the function.

The Graduates led by High Priest in Red.

Speaking to the gathering, Jjumba Lubowa thanked the University for the Recognition an appriciation upon his role played in spreading the African norms and spirituallity.

“with the great honor, i want to appriciate this University for the recognition” Jjumba.

The Chief Guest Mulangira Wasajja implored the Govt to introduce the ciriculums that introduce the young Generation to their Culture.

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