Kabona Sekitoleko While Possessed with the Spirit.

The Function started peaceful where congregants passed through the mass service that was prepared in a doctrinal conduct at Misaali Spiritual Sacred site in Nyendo Masaka at the HQs of the Archdiocese of greater Masaka

The function was an annual spiritual even always organized at Kiggwa Mirembe spiritual site by the Masaka City Priest Ssekitoleko Bateesaaki as an event of the thanksgiving ceremony to the Creator through the spirits for the blessings he has received in the whole year.

Congregants while in the Mass at Misaali Sacred site

The function was graced by the High Priest Jjumba Lubowa Aligaweesa and other priests, Omulangira Prof Wasajja Kiwanuka (Head of Missionary) Kabona Kato Muwanga Ssenkandwa the Archdeacon of Masaka Archdiocese. Other Priest are Kabona Mulengera Baalibaseka, Kabona Migade Mukiibi, Kabona Kakata, Apostle Galaba and others.

Never Before, Kabona Ssekitoleko of Masaka City Deanery who is the main celebrant at the occasion, was possessed amidst the function by the spirit known as (Kkubo).

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