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The faith is headed by the Universal High Priest. Since the restoration of this faith in this 9th generation referred to as Mulembe Mutinzi Cuusa nsi( THE GENERATION OF THE FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE) which started in 1962 the faith has had three High priests and they include;-

  • Omusiige Sebyaayi Byabangi
  • Jjumba Lubowa Aligaweesa

.He is the head of the faith in Uganda and the entire Native African countries. He is referred to as Ssabakabona and right now the person we have in that position is Jjumba Lubowa Aligawesa who lives at Kirowooza in Mukono District Uganda East Africa.  “He is the equivalent of what you people would refer to as the Pope or Archbishop of Canterbury. He was installed and consecrated as the faith Universal leader on May 24, at the Sacred Walusi Hills in Luweero District at a colorful event that attracted the UNESCO delegation.

Below the Ssabakabona is the High council of priests which coordinates districts and Metropolitan regions of the faith Jurisdiction. The High Council of Priests is the Biggest Assembly of the faith and this is where matters of Governance and the faith policy formulation are conducted. It sits twice annually and it has three functions;

  1. To approve the faith policies
  2. To monitor and Evaluate the faith programs
  3. To make the highest Decisions of the faith in close consultation with the High Priest

Below the High Council of Priests are the twelve Boards and commissions headed by the Secretary General. The office of the Secretary General is the central office and coordinates all Administrative and Executive activities of the faith. All Boards and commissions report to the secretary General. The boards and commissions are the technical and implementing arms of the faith. The central office also coordinates all activities of the faith at District and regional jurisdiction.

Below the boards and commissions are the District planning councils headed by the District Arch Priest which coordinates the faith activities at the district level. They also plan, coordinates, evaluate, monitor the faith activities at that level by the approval of the line boards and commission, the High council of priests and the High priest (Ssabakabona) they present their periodic work-plans to the High council at the beginning of the year and also submit progressive reports and accountabilities for review quarterly.