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Priests/ Bakabona

In Tondism Faith, the title ‘Kabona’ stands for ‘Reverend’ or a person of God, someone that preaches religion according to faith teaching. The faith currently has 560 priests across the country serving in that capacity. The faith Universal leader is referred to as Ssabakabona and right now the person we have in that position is His Eminence the High Priest Jjajja Jjumba Lubowa Aligawesa who lives at Kirowooza in Mukono District leading in the era and 9th generation of Mulembe Mutinzi  Cuusa Nsi. 

“He is the equivalent of what you people would refer to as the Pope for he presides over 53 native cultural black nations. He was installed as the Universal religious leader on May 24, at Walusi in Luweero District at a colorful event that attracted the attention of 36 UNESCO delegates. The faith is entitled and mandated with the right and license to celebrate marriage which is why you could have heard about the recent cases of couples that were married according to our faith.”

The faith teachings disclose that God’s creation began at Walusi  in Luweero District and that it is where all God’s  spiritual powers in form of Misambwa and Mayembe are based.

Believers of our faith are aware that foreigners came to Africa in the past few centuries and committed a number of crimes including forcefully taking Africans overseas to work as slaves in plantations where most of them were cruelly killed when they became too old or sick to work. Other foreigners forcefully became our rulers and took over large chunks of our land on which they set up plantations where they employed Africans for almost no pay. The same foreigners deceived us that our God and our ways of traditional worship were satanic and evil. They claimed it was their religions that were only known to God the creator of the world. They claimed that God does not speak our language and we had to worship him in only a foreign language. Some of them did not even believe that we too were human beings.

In Tondism, we believe that foreigners [missionaries] preached wrong theology and contradicting facts about God
“We also believe that our traditional way of worshipping and relating to our God and creator are holy and the only ones we should practice. God created Africans and God loves us too. We don’t have to address God in Latin, Arabic, or English and French or any other foreign languages. So we reject Europeans, Arabs, Asians, and any other foreign ways of worship and we stick to our own African faiths- Tondism faith sets us apart

God created different people in every part of the world and gave them their own cultures for them to follow. We follow our culture with a rich history which has survived for Millions of years.

Bellow are some of the Priests