Anointment Of Priests


The ceremony for the anointment of priests is one of the most recognized events in the faith. It is normally presided over by the High Priest assisted by the appointed ceremony overseer priest. Below are the proceedings of this event;

The Calling of the Candidates: Those to be anointed as priests are called by name; they stand in their place and answer: “Present”.

The Presentation of the Priest Candidates:
Ceremony overseer: Your Eminence Ssabakabona, Tondism Faith and all believers asks you to anoint these candidates, our brothers, to the responsibility of the Priesthood.
Ssabakabona: Do you know them to be worthy?
Ceremony overseer: After inquiry among people, believers and upon the recommendation of those responsible, I testify that they have been found worthy.
Ssabakabona: Relying on the help of Tonda and Sewamala Musoke and the great spirit of our ancestors we choose these men, our brothers, for the services of priesthood.
All: Thanks be to God Tonda
Ssabakabona:  Dear children of God, before you enter the service of Priesthood, you must declare before the people of God your intention to undertake this office. Do you resolve, with the help of your great ancestors, to discharge without fail the office of Priesthood, as worthy fellow workers caring for the people of God?

 Candidates agrees

  • Candidates presented for anointment must be first exposed to a formal training which will last for approximately three years.
  • The overseer of this special prayer ceremony shall read names of the aspiring candidates, their parents and lineage and shall be presented to Ssabakabona.
Priets Seated at a Function.
  • Aspiring Candidates shall present a submission to Ssabakabona requesting him to anoint them as priests/ess individually. (Your eminence Ssabakabona my name is……………….a son/daughter of………………… a grandson of………… through you and this congregation I apply to be anointed as a Priest in the sacred and divine office of priesthood. I promise to obey you and your successors in title and to fulfill the requirements of this office under the providence of my great ancestors.
  • In response to their requests the Ssabakabona will turn to the congregation ask them if there is any reason that may stop the anointment of the candidates before him as priests. If they respond ‘NO’ then he will commence with the anointment ceremony, if they say Yes. Then the event shall stop pre-maturely.
  • The aspiring candidates shall be dressed in white liturgical gowns together with their Co. Priestess.
  • The Ssabakabona will order them to lie down as he leads a special hymn (ekitiibwa ky’omutonzi) dedicating them to their ancestral providence (the whole congregation shall stand up).
  • Life vows of service
  • Allegiance to Ssabakabona and his would be successors
  • Vows of Holiness
  • Vows of trustworthy
  • Vows of Administrative secrecy
  • Vows of respect and allegiance to the faith dogmatic principles and the faith teachings
  • Allegiance to Sewamala Musoke
  • The Ssabakabona shall take a special dedication and anointment prayer as he raises his iron rod- the instrument of power of his office (Ddamula) upon the candidate. (Only priests/ess will stand up and raise their instruments of Power together with the Ssabakabona to the candidate)
  • The Ssabakabona shall invite the presence of the Spirit Sewamala Musoke to take control over him and take a special function of anointment and blessing of the candidate the congregation shall kneel down and bore their fore-heads down
  • He will pray for and grant an instrument of power to the newly anointed priest
  • Finally, the Ssabakabona will dress the anointed priest with special liturgical garments decorated in the colors of the Rainbow the colors of  the great Spirit Sewamala  Musoke
  • Unlike other events and ceremonies the Ssabakabona shall preside over this event sited in a special raised chair and after the anointment and dedication of the candidate, the prayer will continue
  • On this event the faith official flag shall be raised.