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Ssabalambi (Secretary General)


Functions and powers

It is headed by the Secretary General and exercises executive power.

It is divided into Administrations and Central Offices.

 The Accounting Administration which oversees general accounting procedures, the keeping of account books, the management of the treasury and the preparation of budgets and financial statements, as well as audits.

The General Services Administration oversees the functionality and performance of all boards and commission.                                          

–  The Establishment, preservation, safe guarding, restoration and  Administration of the faith museum.

– Over see the Publications and Reproductions Sales Office works. It produces publications for widespread distribution.

–          The Department of technical services is responsible for the construction and maintenance of real estate (land and buildings) and for the management of technological systems, information services and technical staff and assists the various activities of the Department, others include        

–          The Department of Telecommunications which manages postal, telephone, social media, ICT systems, websites, internal and external correspondences

–          The faith Archive is responsible for protocol ling and archiving correspondence relating to the High Priest, all Boards and commission, and other agencies.

–          The Pilgrim and Tourist Office operates at the holy Walusi Nsi sacred sites and provides information and assistance to tourists and to visitors, provides clear programs for the pilgrims in collaboration with the central Provides historical and theological facts to the pilgrims and tourists. The department also ensures pilgrims are organized to offer sacrifices and other prayer programs at the Walusi and other official sacred sites.