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Office of the Ssabayima / Nabayima (Patron and Patroness)

  1. They conduct special consecration for t
  2. he High priest (Ssaabakabona) at the Sacred Hills of Walusi nsi assisted by the other faith elders
  3. They are special elders of the faith
  4. They provide administrative patronage to all office bearers of the faith
  5. They are spiritual advisors to the Ssaabakabona
  6. They are special conflict managers
  7. They are elected following recommendations from the faith elders (abaluutansozi) during their periodic  Meetings
  8. They must possess the relevant qualifications as may be set by their Annual General Assembly.
  9. Their  office shall not be permanent , they may be granted two consecutive terms of 5 years each or as their general assembly may decide from time to time
  10. Nominated candidates shall be true believers and has passed all the relevant stages of the faith formation
  11. He will work closely with the Annual General Assembly of elders and the high council of priests