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The Tondism Faith Doctrinal Code of Conduct has been specifically prepared to explain the faith Doctrine to all believers and to provide the general practices and the administration of the faith. It is set based on the traditional understanding of God revealed from the rich ancient traditional in relation to modern practices.

More scholarly work and research is extensively under way to unearth the deep Philosophy and theology of the native Traditional wisdom and Interpretation of the facts about God in the context of our traditions.

This Code has been compiled using simple and clear explanations for the quick understanding and grasping of the fundamental faith teachings and facts.

It is also partly based on the wide consultation from the faith elders who receives spiritual visions and vivid revelations from the Heavenly Angels. They are Spiritual Intercessors from the Sacred Hills and Holy places whose main duty is to pray, receive messages and God’s Revelations.

I’m grateful to the entire team behind this compilation who included men and women of Wisdom Supervised by His Eminence Ssabakabona Jjumba  Lubowa Aligaweesa, Ssabalambi Buyondo Maanyi Galubaale, Elder Ntambi Zamukama, Ssabayima Mugalula, Prof. Kaleeransonga,  Scholary team from Mpambo Multi varsity in Nakabango headed by Prof. Wangoola Wangoola Ndawula, Kabona Kattibba and other high profile officials.

We are highly indebted by Mr. Katongole Peterson of Kayoba Services and Print Corp computers who took charge of typesetting, printing, binding and the general publication processes.

We apologize for any errors that were not noticed until at this final Publication. We shall live a vacuum for your feedback, comments and constructive criticism to be included in subsequent versions and Publications.


Executive Publication Director


Dec, 2018.


The faith is free from doctrinal errors for priests are inspired by ancestral revelations. Doctrines are based on the faith theological interpretations, repentance, holiness/ sacredness and the General faith practices. Below is a summary of the faith doctrines;

  • Every believer shall not eat pork or rear pigs
  • It is a taboo to defame or cause an insult and blasphemy to the Almighty God and the spiritual ancestors.
  • It is a taboo to offer un-acceptable sacrifice to God and the great ancestors
  • To have sex in the faith Shrine and sacred places is a grave taboo
  • It is also a taboo to have sex relationship with a close relative (incest)
  • It is also a taboo to have sex relationship with a partner of the opposite sex (homo sexuality and lesbianism)
  • It is a taboo to have sex with an animal and any other forms of unnatural sexual behaviors
  • It is a taboo and a sin to curse a blind, a lame and anyone with physical and mental deformities
  • It is a taboo for a man to marry a woman and her mother
  • It is a taboo and a sin to cheat your neighbor
  • It is a taboo and a sin to be unjust to the poor and the innocent
  • It is a taboo to eat meat of a dead person, eat mutton and women to eat eggs and fish.
  • It is a taboo for priests and other believers to preside over prayers or attend prayers putting on shorts, T-shirts, pants and any other funny attire such as Mini-skirts, leggings and skimpy dressing.
  • It is a taboo to sleep in the same bed with grown up daughters, grown up sons, mothers-in-law/ fathers-in-law and other close opposite sex relatives
  • It is a taboo to have sex relationship with a prostitute, watch pornography, practice fornication and masturbation
  • It is a taboo to have sex relationship with your biological parents and close blood relatives
  • It is a taboo to have sex relationship with your wife’s daughter or her son’s daughter
  • It is a taboo to have sex with your neighbor’s wife
  • It is a taboo to enter into a worshipping place with shoes
  • It is a taboo for consecrated priests to engage directly in civil politics, civil wars and conflicts
  • It is a taboo to sacrifice, kidnap, and shed human blood especially the innocent blood including the unborn babies
  • It is a taboo for believers to eat Mutton, for this is a Godly sacrifice