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What we Do

We Conduct customary marriage ceremonies in line with our traditional norms
and values

We Interpret African theology and wisdom

We Conduct prayers, hymns and preaching rooted from the ancient philosophy
and theology

We Promote and restore our traditional spirituality

We protect and preserve our sacred heritage sites and their significance from the
creation account

We lead our converts and faithful towards God through the original  African traditional
theological teachings

We promote and preserve our traditional music, art and dance as our heritage

We protect and preserve native cultures and African  languages

We make research and documentation of  our traditional history that will determine
the future prospects of the blacks and native global communities

Promote the concepts that Africa was and still the centre of the global civilization and morality

Provides information about the creation account, the origin of human race at the sacred
Walusi Hills in Luweero District in Uganda East Africa and this is where so far the recent
discovery of the earliest human remains were found

We liaise with UNESCO and other cultural organizations and agencies to preserve and
protect native cultures

We train children and our converts on our traditions and our future prospects

We design and exercise  the faith doctrines and principles