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Ssabayonza Kiggundu

Kiggundu Basajjabaka Sabayonza

Ssabayonsa is responsible for the composition, Art and recording of the faith Chior Songs and hymns


The Liturgical Board and Commission will administer the faith prayers, hymns and literature.

The prayers will be selected basing on the special inspirations from the ancestors and divine messages.

The Liturgical Board and commission shall take a comprehensive study of the native un-fabricated African spirituality, revelation and popular History to compile and publish the scripture book “TONDISM ”

All proposed prayers, hymns and faith literature shall be sanctioned in the High Council of Priests and implemented by the High Priest and the High council.

All prayers, hymns and the faith literature shall be exercised and kept known to all believers and the faithful and shall provide a special unique liturgical brand different from other foreign religious sects

The Liturgical boards and commission shall appoint a special committee of talented artists to design finest art that depicts the ancient history, the true African story, the creation account, the origin of man and other important accounts of the faith and theological facts

The faith shall compile and publish all the relevant Historical significances and references that depict our heritage and identity as a native community of the indignant black race.