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  • Believers take their seats before the presiding priest/s. They pray for the spirits to take control of the worshipping (Women sit on the Right hand and men sit on the left hand while the presiding priests and priestess sits in the prayer sanctuary facing belivers),  with a dedication song; NEWAAYO GYOLI (Composed by:  Ssaabayonza Kiggundu Basajjabaka)
  • The choir leads the entrance song (Any suitable song may be selected depending on the nature of the ceremony)
  • The presiding priest enters in a procession accompanied by co. priests
  • The Presiding priests and priestess keeps standing during the praise
  • The commentator welcomes the guests and announces the day’s program 
  • This follows animation with four special songs for spiritual twins
  • The glory to God special worshiping song (EKITIIBWA KY’OBUTONZI/WALUSI)


  • All kneel down as the presiding priest and priestess leads a special song; ‘TUFUKAMIRE FFENNA TWEBAZE KATONDA’ composed by Kiggundu Bassajjabaka. (Let’s all kneel down to praise and sanctify the LORD)
  • The presiding priest leads the Glory to God; 
  • TONDA MUNENE X 3 TUWULIDDE EDDOBOOZI LYO NGA LITUKOWOOLA NETUKIRIZA OKUJJA GYOLI OKUKUWEREZA N’OKUTENDEREZA. AYI KY’ETONDEKA TTONDA YAMBA, WONYA EZADDELYO LINO LITEGEDDE X 3 (This is loosely translated as; The Lord is great/ magnificent x 3, we have heard your voice calling and we have accepted to come near you to serve and praise you. Oh!! God the Omnipresent, send your helping hand and heal your children for they have understood)
  • If this prayer is conducted by the High priest (Ssaabakabona) he will invite the presence of the great seven supernatural spirits in the Unity of the great Sewamala Musoke the spirit in-charge of earthly and heavenly matters
  • The presiding priest will continue with the prayers and  proclaim: WHENEVER WE SPEAK ON THE GREAT NAME OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD WE SHALL PUT OUR FOREHEADS DOWN AND RECITE IN THE UNIVERSAL CHORUS; Praise be to God, Honor be to God, and Glory be to God all you nations, praise him in your languages and in their cultures as he ordered. 
  • [The presiding priest invites a priestess to pray on behalf of the female creation] She also raise her prayer of praise based on Godliness as she proclaims; WHENEVER WE SPEAK ON THE GREAT NAME OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD,WE SHALL PUT OUR FOREHEADS DOWN AND RECITE IN THE UNIVERSAL CHORUS; [Praise be to God, Honor be to God and Glory be God, all you nations, praise him in your languages and in your cultures as he ordered.] But throughout her prayer she does not include the Godly subordinate spirits but she will raise the prayer through the holy SEWAMALA MUSOKEBWA
  • PRIESTESS PROCEEDS: We shall not stop to thank you
  • ALL BELIEVERS (CHORUS):  For the lord you have kept us safe and you have protected us through all kinds of trials, nobody knew that even this generation shall be pardoned to receive God’s Mercy. Oh!! God the omnipresent, let the sun, the moon and all heavenly stars glares upon us always , let us be praised by our leaders and ours subjects rejoice. Anoint our faces with your precious oil to please all people.  Peace to all people, peace always x 3
  • PRIESTESS PROCEEDS: We shall sing and raise our voices of praise, for you have our hope and wisdom. Life and peace comes from your hand, Oh! God the Omnipresent, fight and defeat all our enemies for you are our helper. It has been generation, and generation where we are stigmatized, tormented, accused falsely, for we had not encountered you as yet, but we have now known you. Let all your spiritual subordinates and messengers protect us such that we don’t suffer any more as destitute.  Oh. God the Omnipresent, we thank you; we thank  you too much x 3
  • THE PRESIDING PRIEST: We pray all that through the holy Ssewamala Musokebwa. 
  • The presiding priest declares a moment of peace sharing where believers share their thumbs as they sing a hymn of peace; MIREMBE X 2  NANNYINI MUNO AGAMBYE WAGGULU WALADDE, WALIBA EMIREMBE 
  • This follows a special teaching/preaching rooted from the Tondism Holy books. .


  • The incense/burnt and material offering. The special offering is presided over by the presiding priest with special prayers, adoration and worship.
  • All offerings are done for individual blessings, removal of sins and curses, thanksgiving and sacrifice to God and deliverance from diseases. 
  • For the burnt offering, a special alter can be organized outside the worshiping place and all believers gather at the altar to offer their prayers and sacrifice to God.
  • The material offering i.e. garden yields, money and other important basic items can be offered to propagate and strengthen the faith and support the servant’s temple
  •  During the offering session the presiding priest shall raise prayers to God to forgive sins for those who offered their sacrifice to God.
  • A special ceremony for believers to denounce their sins can be organized on special request. They may offer cows, goats and other acceptable offerings for cleansing their sins.


  • Special/official communication, announcements of weekly program, news, fundraising among others 
  • But this must be done within the shortest period possible to avoid exhausting believers and to let them go for lunch and other individual programs.
  • The commentator shall invite the presiding priest for concluding prayers and blessings. All believers kneel down to receive the final blessing. The presiding priest must use the blessing instrument  of power(Ddamula)
  • A final hymn of praise will be sung as the priests/priestess matches to their dressing rooms to remove the liturgical garments.
  • The Liturgical board and commission shall make reviews and changes as adequate in the liturgical programs.


  1. Early Morning during sunrise 5:00am  to 8:00am
    1. Midday(12:00 pm) before 2:00pm
    1. Evening 6:00pm to 9:00pm
  2. It is very important to pray when there is a fire place or a candle. One has to keep himself clean with clean water especially if he had sexual intercourse. Bathing is optional if one didn’t have sexual intercourse or if indulged into anything unclean say; attended the burial ceremony
  3. During congregation prayers believers are supposed to humble themselves in a place without any interference. 
  4. There are special prayers from the prayer book before one asks for his/her personal needs from God. 
  5. After these prayers one puts down his fore head and recite the glories of the great Ssewamala Musoke and through him one pleads to carry his prayers to the almighty God


  • Saturday is the official day of worship in our faith for this is the day God ordered to have prayers and this is also known for other religions but because of political motivation they changed this day. This day must be kept holy and must be observed by all believers. It is a day to worship, to glorify God and to rest. Believers shall not go in the garden but can do other simple work.  During prayers we follow Godliness, the order of creation and God’s spiritual power and authority in the Universe.


  • All believers must gather in the worshipping center at exactly midday. The perfect time of praise and worship to God stands between12:00pm to exactly 1:00pm. Then after there is special preaching on the Glory and power of God and other administrative issues concerning the place of worship.
  • Special prayers are conducted during this time (midday) when the sun is over head and the sun is the Godly shuttle. During this time God takes control over human beings and all creation and so that is why 12:00 pm is considered a special hour for praise and worship.


  • All forms of traditional dressing which involve; dressing of back clothes, smoking of tobacco pipes, caworie shells, and all traditional regalia are not acceptable in the worshipping places. They are only acceptable at traditional shrines during special rituals. During worship believers are mandated to put on decent wears that glorifies God and his people. All indecent dressings are not acceptable during prayers 


  • There must be a fire place in the sanctuary of worship. This is where incense offerings with aroma that provides a good smell (smoke) for the spiritual presence to please God. All believers are provided with a piece of incense offering which is put at the fire place to enable each and every prayer be acceptable before God.