Classification of the Living Creation

Lung Fish . Emamba
  • Reptile:-  Lung fish- (Mamba) In the creation account the lung fish heads the reptiles. It has special features and characteristics for it is the only living creature which undergoes menstruation cycles as female human beings and that is why it is a taboo for women to eat fish especially the lung fish for they share relationship in the spiritual creation. In the similar case the twin sister/brother to the lung fish is the Python and in this case leads  reptiles on the land
Elephant/ ENjovu
  • Mammals:- Mammals are headed by the Elephant (Njovu) for it is the largest creature on land. This creature is also referred to as Guluddene because of its largest foot and the same name is referred to God and all people from the Elephant clan in Buganda are referred to as brothers and sisters to God. This creature has the most valued horns called ivory and no creature has its parts as valuable and expensive as the elephant’s ivory and that is why it is also valuable and unique in the spiritual creation account. In the creation classification account God created living things in its dual form that is a male and a female and so are twins. In this case the twin brother to Elephants is the Hippopotamus (Nvubu) and this leads the water world.
  • Insects: – The insect Kingdom is headed by a special Grasshopper popularly known as Nsenene. This insect has special creation features for they are created in five categories which describe the five living classifications in the creation account. They are unique insects for they have no defined life cycles (metamorphosis) as it is the case with other insects. They are hatched from special rocks, tree trunks and caves which were formally God’s Living Hatchery during his creation. And so they are the only living creatures which undergo this original creation process by the almighty God.
  • Crops/plants:  In the plant and crop Kingdom Peas in Buganda known as Mpindi leads this creation classification.

All other Plants you see comes from this Pee which at the initial creation was given powers to oversee the plants.

  • Birds; for domestic, flight and non flight birds the Pea cock rules this kingdom.   It is also known as Nyonyimuzinge. It is the most decorated creature in the colors of the rainbow and these are the very colors entrusted for Sewamala Musoke one of the seven supernatural spirits entrusted by God with earthly matters. It has special Majestic  and unique characteristics  and commands high authority and respect in the birds’ Kingdom/ Kimbagaya