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Origin Of Tondism Faith

Tondism faith is rooted from the sacred Hills of Walusi nsi in Luwero District which is the center of the Spiritual Global authority. It is at this sacred heritage hills where the faith spiritual leaders are consecrated and granted responsibilities to preach the message to the native cultures all over the world. The faith has the primary founders and promoters called ‘‘abalutansozi’’ the staunch Faithfull who committed and sacrificed their lives to pray for the people and all nations. The faith is here to restore the African and other Indigenous communities in the world  to achieve their religious independence in understanding the Almighty God and putting respect to their ancestral history which has all along provided blessings, protection and good luck.

The Faith Choir

The domination of foreign religions has widened the misconception that all that done in the hands of Africans is primitive, satanic and backward. And so authorities and security agencies have been used to facilitate their ill motives on the sons and daughters of the African land. The Tondism code is developed to guide and provide direction for the faithful and the faith internal proper administration.

Omusiige Ssebyayi Kyabangi | First High Priest

The faith will be exercised in Uganda, Africa and countries with rich native traditional heritage. The faith is currently hinged on the UNESCO and other International Cultural Institutions and has graced several functions here in Uganda.

All believers in this faith will believe in God the Almighty as the creator of heaven and earth. The faith will fight against homosexuality, human manipulation, bestiality and other forms of immorality and inhuman foreign cultures which contravenes our identity, heritage and Glory of God.

Therefore, in the restoration of our ancient religion, freedom and independence of worship, we are here to present the Tondism Doctrinal Law and code of conduct as the Supreme law that will guide our faith. The code will articulate our marriage conducts, leadership, taboos, general practices and other systems of administration.

The faith shall respect and preserve the traditional shrines and their spiritual significance.

The Ancestral powers and Healing Virtues will be shared in the faith. The faith shall always remain Hinged on the supernatural and ancestral spiritual beings.

The Traditional shrines shall be used to articulate the traditions, symbols, norms, Values and regalia.

The shrines will be maintained as spiritual Heritage and sacred significance of the faith. All believers will pay homage to these shrines for guidance and ancestral wisdom to manage conflicts, spiritual diseases, misunderstandings and other forms of spiritual requirements.

Followers welcoming Priests at a Cultural Function in Luweero district

The faith has many more doctrines and clearly they are articulated in the full version of the Gazette “Tondism Doctrinal code of conduct”.


Priestess at one of the Function

The faith shall be known as; ENZIKIRIZA Y’OBUWANGWA N’ENNONO (Tondism faith). It can still be referred to as ENZIKIRIZA Y’OBUTONZI rooted from the rich Luganda dialects meaning the true faith of God. It is also referred to as: THE TRADITIONAL CULTURE AND RELIGIOUS FOUNDATION which is the English Interpretation of the name.

The name is rooted from the ancient African cultures and beliefs which was the center of the Global native human race heritage and African traditions. 

Baptizing on of the Believers

Tondism according to the faith interpretation comes from the Luganda word “TONDA” which means the creator of heaven, earth, the bio-diversity habitat and the universe. -ISM is an English suffix added to mean his (GOD) ways in his divinity, omniscience, omnipresent, the   Alpha and Omega and the overall supernatural power and authority and so TONDISM is written in seven letters to have a spiritual significance of the seven supernatural spiritual powers in God’s Divinity