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Shrine and Cathedrals


In this institution God is present among us especially through his faithful servants and through the spirit of the great ancestors. He speaks to us when he possesses his spirit on his appointed priest (Kabona/Mukongozi)

Because God is holy and he is ever present in official shrines that is why we remove shoes before we enter into shrines and we are entitled for a cleansing ritual at the main gate of the shrine. All taboos and the related unclean acts as reflected in other chapters are not allowed in the shrines for there is the presence of the most holy one. God’s Holiness is manifested and protected in the state of fire and it is only his Holy priest who can kiss it, sit on this fire and it does not harm them. This cannot be tempered with by anyone besides the holy priests of the Tondism faith- the faith that is acceptable before God.

God’s Holiness and communication is manifested in the spirit of Sewamala Musoke the great Universal spirit that God entrusted with the earthly affairs. And so during all special prayer functions of the faith the spirit shall be invited to take possession of the presiding priest to provide blessings and alternatives to the impossible cases 

The Tondism faithful are to hold the most holy covenant of the great Ancestors in highest honor, taking an active part in their routine encounter, their special sacrifices, receiving their blessing and protection most devoutly and frequently, and worshiping it with the highest adoration. In explaining the doctrine about this holy covenant, priests of the Tondism faith are to teach the faithful diligently about this obligation and understanding of the spiritual significance.

The Seal of the Holy covenant shall be made in a golden or copper metallic appearance instrument decorated in the colors of the rainbow that shall be kept in the most Holy place in the official holy shrine only known by the Ssaabakabona and very few of the elders and Tondism faith priests. The Seal and other spiritual instruments shall be kept in the Ark of the Holy Covenant in the special house which hosts the secrets of God. This shall be the house which shall accommodate the whole institution of the most Holy covenant.  The Seal of God’s power shall always be made to appear before a congregation of faithful during special prayer functions and the same function the Priest shall invite the presence of Sewamala Musoke to preside over. 

The management, administration and sanctification of the sacred Seal and other spiritual implements Kept in the Most Holy and Secret House of God used in the spiritual services shall be known as; The Institution of the Most Holy Covenant according to the Tondism faith theological teaching