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To restore the traditional religion and beliefs.
To establish a cultural and traditional museum for preservation of traditional regalia, historic implements and promotion of tourism.
To establish inter-relationship with different cultural setups within Uganda, Africa and the world as whole.
Provide leadership in the promotion of research and The Tondism Faith Doctrines and Code of Conduct evolutions in the different cultural traditions and setups to provide the true knowledge and our historical background.
Collaborate with the Government through the sector Ministry and security organs to fight crime discrimination in cultural institution such as rape, human sacrifice, defilement and related impunities in the sector. 
To restore the Traditional religious freedom and independence.
To preserve and protect the family institution and proper upbringing of children which is our future prospects.
To mobilize communities to support Government programs to alleviate poverty and improve standards of living.
To conduct prayer/preaching crusades in the propagation of the faith.
To conduct customary marriage weddings and also process their registration with registrar of marriages.
To empower people and other traditional believers to fight the misconception that all our traditional and cultural related programs are satanic, primitive and backward.
To fight HIV/AIDS and the related consequences.
To train spiritual cultural leaders on the proper management of cultural affairs and helping police and courts of law to manage cultural related crimes for true justice to prevail.
To Execute any other activity that aims at improving our objectives