Supernatural Spirits


In the Initial creation account God (Kyetondeka) produced a mysterious droplet, from the droplet came the mysterious darkness, then after the light came and eventually came the egg which hatched into seven supernatural Spirits in their dual form and they include

  • Kawagga and Naluwagga
    This spirit enforced the splitting of the earth into different nations, tribes, races and the strong hail storm and wind in the atmosphere.
  • Sewamala Musoke and Namaala Namusoke
    This is the spirit responsible for the birth and creation
  • Kiwanuka and Nabawanuka
    This spirit takes part of Gods power of Judgment and authority in the significance of fire. That is why all fire places and all prayers done around these places are done in adoration of this spirit
  • Kitinda and  Nabatindira
    This spirit is responsible for bridging the earth, waves, valleys, mountains etc.
  • Ndawula Serulyolulanda and Nandawula
    The spirit is in charge of human body finishing including the nose, body joints and the perfection of human body
  • Nabamba and Nalubamba
    Responsible for earthly forces including the gravitational forces, the solar energy, lightening, travelling in space and the pillars that put together the earth and the universe
  • Musisi and Namusisi
    Responsible for continental drifting, River flow, landslides and the strong shaking of the earth

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