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Now that all creation besides human beings were into exis­tence now came the third generation of righteousness. This generation determined darkness and light, a male and female, day and night, Land and water bodies, twins, knowing God the 17 creator and Godliness, the power to reproduce, the existence of the three heavenly bodies; the Moon, Sun and the Stars , the existence of the seven supernatural spirits of the great Ssewamala Musoke, the process of making man the epito­me of Godliness commenced, death and life came into exis­tence.

Walusi nsi the holy sacred hills in Luweero Bureemezi came into existence and became a centre of global spiritual authority and centre of all creation. That is why people pay a pilgrimage to this holy land. It is the beginning of all cre­ation including spiritual hatchery at a spot called Mirinze.

The Python Creature Lying on the ROCK believed to have Born all Creation.

At Kireku still at the same sacred Walusi Hills was the place where the first human beings came into existence and Bukkiro is a special spot where heavenly and spir­itual powers comes onto earth. This generation was under the control of the great spirit of Sewamala Musoke/Mu­sokebwa the spirit God entrusted with earthly affairs. Take note that by this generation all creations were into exis­tence besides human beings.

Mirinze as a sacred site, bears the orination of the creation, that occupies the formation of the python that lies on the ROCK that foretells the birth of creations that came from it. In the Beginning, all the Mamalira, Birds, Reptilia, Insecta and Plantae genes came from this only Python creature that God left its bearings on the rock.

The Python Creation measures at a Vertical ration of half a Meter and 84Mtrs Horizontal. The Sacred Heritage sight lies at the Corner and east of the Walusi-Sites. Its one of the most important and highly Valued sites at Walusi.

Its Mirinze where all leaders take their solemn covenants to almighty, and sign in the Book of God,

Tondism faith has a number of spiritual practic­es rooted and hinged on the two accounts that is;

a) The birth and lineage account

b) The creation account

a) The birth and lineage account: Involves traditional rituals rooted from the immediate family, clan, tribe, Kingdom, the ancestral biological background and history. Under this account there are biological and spiritual parents who are liv­ing human beings with adequate experience and natural gifts in this area; they prepare children and grand children to fulfill these spiritual requirements. This practice involves fulfilling all the relevant traditions which involves; the practices of tying hides, the great five days initiation practice (tabaalo) and other traditional ceremonies. This account also provides full details of all rituals under the Birth and lineage account and their theo­logical significance which drives you to the creation account.

b) The creation account is a deep practice in searching, studying and understanding the almighty God the creator of the earth and the universe. Through this account, priests of the faith provide details of the creation narratives during the main five generation of creation. God’s power and authori­ty is hidden and manifested in the great Holy hills, Moun­tains, Rivers, Lakes, Great forests and other sacred places. The priests called “ABALUUTANSOZI”, “ABALUUTANYAN­JA”, etc. take much of their time at the great Sacred Moun­tains, river, deserts and Lakes and those holy places receiv­ing revelations and holy messages about God- they are God’s messengers in that context. A number of them have powers to sail on water, tell true prophesy, speak the deep Godly Phi­losophy and theology, power to recite strong inspired prayers and behave in special ways.

In Tondism faith they are elders, 14 intercessors, advisors to the High Priest (Ssaabakabona) and the source of the true message and revelation about God.

They know the true sacrifices to offer to God, the true cere­monies to be made in his honor, worship and praise. They know the true process of electing the faith leaders, the true and mighty ancestors in line to human needs and they al­ways work and inspire Tondism faith believers and converts to focus on holiness and chastity before they leave human life.