Football Team

High Priest Jjumba Lubowa Aligaweesa Opening Football Match.

Masses gathered to attend the youth chaplainhip function held in Wakiso district at the Liturgical headquarters in Kyeberese that was held in line with the preparations of the 5th Anniversary of the High Priest Consecration to be held in Masaka district.

At the youth day, over 5 activities were practiced including Football, Netball, Dancing and a service led by the High priest.

The function was graced by the Chief Priest Jumba Lubowa Aligaweesa, Nabbona Kulanam Aligaweesa and Jajja Nabamba Budhagali from all along from Busoga. During the service, the chief Priest asked the massed to embrace God in everything they are doing in their life.

The Football team after the Match

Other priests are Kabona Kitibba the of Kyeberese, Counsel Kayiira Lwere and others who were in attendance. The Function, where youth Chaplain Kabona Migadde Mukiibi Kyebavumakyebalya gave out their strategic plane of 2022, his patron Nabbona Nassaazi Nandawula, regarded the function as graceful and called for the same in different areas of the country.

Kabona Ssekate and Nabbona nassazi Nandaula

During the function, the Secretary General Kabona Kiggundu Lubowa urged all the youth to attend the annual cerebration of the High Priest Jumba Lubowa Aligaweesa scheduled for 24th, May in Masaka – Nyendo at Misaali Hill.

The Anniversary will accompany with other activities including football, services and music.

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